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Some words about this section

Postby Gaston » Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:22 am

Has your hair stylist ever offered you a miracle product, lotion, shampoo, etc to fight against hair loss?
Have you seen magic pills or futuristic products for sale on the Internet promising to stop your hair loss, to grow your hair or reverse baldness?

If your answer is yes, this section is for you...
If you already tried one of those product you can post it in here for people to not to make the same mistake...

This section, as others in the forum, are related to your own experience. There are some product that works for some of us and not for others and not necessarily are Scams.

Here some advice to detect this Scams:
You have to wonder where these hair loss products come from.
There are only two FDA approved drugs for the treatment of hair loss, but it seems like almost anyone can claim to have a cure for this disease.

Everyone wants to believe that there is a cure for hair loss out there but somehow specialist are missing it... :)

The explanation of hair loss is strongly related to the infamous DHT:
Hair follicles slowly close and die in the presence of DHT. This causes more than 90% of the hair loss. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is created naturally inside your body when the enzyme 5 alpha reductase combines with testosterone. This is called Androgenetic Alopecia and affects men and women no matter the age.

If you want to read about the Causes of Hair Loss you can follow this link:

Your hair follicles aren't blocked or suffering from no circulation. They're dying from this DHT. This is the MAIN cause for hair loss. Anything that will stop hair loss, cure baldness or regrow hair must block DHT or overpower its effects. And because this hormones are sexual hormones, normally the medicine that works have side effects that affects that other part of our system...

Let's take this under consideration: Some of the products out there are really excellent. But unfortunately, there are many hair loss scams as well.

That said, we are here to read your story ;)
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