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Low Level Laser

Postby bruce » Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:29 am

I know... why later on I bough the LaserComb if the Low Level Laser didn't work for me? :D (did I said that I love gadgets??)

Anyway... a very respectable doctor told me that non light treatment (laser is a light...) will ever help me to make my hair grow... they claim to improve blood circulation and we already know that our hair loss doesn't depend of blood circulation... so... here is the answer... it does not work... (at least for me... :D )

Again...the place was cool :) kind of from another planet I must say :) very good space scenario... I didn't know if they where going to send me into a mind trip or something :)

Basically they sit you down... they put you a helmet... I remember they put me a demo about what they where doing on me... and when the video was over... the session finished. I didn't fill anything a lot (not even my hair growing! maybe cause it didn't!)

So again... if you want to feel for 15 minutes like in a futuristic movie... go ahead!
If you want to get your hair back... check other options...
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