Red Light Skin Therapy

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Red Light Skin Therapy

Postby bruce » Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:51 pm

I remember I read something like:
"Red light skin therapy have excellent anti-aging effects and it's a non-surgical solutions to all skin problems."
I remember this guy that told me that I hair loss is a skin problem... and that's why dermatologist are specialist in hair loss...
So I put my credit card again...
The light wasn't as expensive as the tripod that I had to buy to keep the bulb in place...
The therapy was kind of straight forward... I place the tripod with the lamp over my head... I turn off all the lights around (nobody told me that but just in case... :) )
And I stay there for an hour or two every day while I was watching the news or some movies (My wife was very happy about it... really :) )
I bet the image was kind of creepy... no lights... the red thing over my scalp... and the tv hypnotizing me... :D

I tried it for pretty long time... it didn't made me younger... it didn't made me hairy... it didn't WORK!

So again... if you want to find an excuse to watch TV for hours without being disturb... go ahead! :twisted:
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