My name is Bruce... and I'm bald...

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My name is Bruce... and I'm bald...

Postby bruce » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:24 am

Hi there!
Just to introduce myself 'cause I want to see this grow ;) (yeah... I'm talking about the forum... my hair is not going to grow for sure :) )
I'm 41... and I'm completely bald due to the infamous Androgenic Alopecia since I was in my early 30's (but everything started at my early 20's)
Just want to tell my story 'cause several doctors told me that I'm totally bold (and fat :) ) cause I didn't take care off myself early...

Right now, not without several years of psychological therapy, I'm fine with myself... but It was something that I didn't see coming.

Probably when we all want to be "good looking" this kind of problems emerge...

At the end those who are around consider that I'm "more good looking" without hair... nop... not you for sure! hehehe

I will try to upload a picture of my scalp latter on and the treatments that I made without any results... The "best one" was the "hair massage"... I thought my hair was escaping! but hey! at least it was relaxing! :lol:

Keep it up!

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