How to upload pictures to the Forum!

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How to upload pictures to the Forum!

Postby Gaston » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:03 am

This is a simple tutorial explaining how to show pictures in our forum...

We can host the images in sites that offer this services for free. In this example I'm going to use:

So go to and you will find something like this:


Click the BROWSE button and the Browse Window will pop-up.


Select the file you want to upload and click Select. Then Click UPLOAD NOW!

Allow the system to upload the file...

Imagehack will show you the following options:


Select the Forum Thumbnail code, Copy it (PC: Ctrl+C; Mac: Command+C) and Paste it (PC: Ctrl+V; Command+V) at the Alopecia Forum...

And that's it!
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